Sort 2010

SORT is an abbreviated form of Self-Organizing Real-Time Systems. On 4th May, 2010; first IEEE workshop on SORT was held in Carmona, Spain. The complexity of the computing systems has increased by leap and bounds in recent times and it calls for organized measures to manage the computing systems. One of the key techniques that are widely used for this purpose is the implementation of Self Organization in both hardware and software.

In order to ensure reliable operations, complex distributed systems rely on self organization principles. To cope up with huge demand of businesses, they run hundreds of tasks on large number of processors. It has led to the evolution of various self organization features such as self-optimization, self-adaptation, self-configuration, etc.  The main challenge is the efficient functioning of the real time properties, particularly related to the embedded systems.

SORT 2010 had covered most of the topics pertaining to self organizing real-time systems including the following.

  • Self-organizing embedded systems, Self-organizing sensor and actor networks and  Self-organization in automotive, avionics and space
  • Real-time aspects in Organic and Autonomic Computing,  Modeling and behavior prediction of self-organizing systems
  • Bio-Inspired real-time Computing and Applications of self-organizing real-time systems

New research in the area is focused on combining the flexible and unpredictable behavior of self-organizing systems along with time-predictability required for real-time systems. Leading researchers of the world gathered in Spain to participate in the first IEEE workshop on SORT 2010 (Self-Organizing Real-Time systems). It provided a platform for exchanging ideas and discussions on the advances in real time systems technology.

SORT 2010 and 13th IEEE Int’l Symposium on ISORC were organized in conjunction at Carmona, Spain. You may find further details by visiting the site at All the proceedings and developments have been published by IEEE.

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